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A Revolution in Revenue Sharing

Our in-app token, the 2Z, is an innovative aspect of our Free2Z platform. It's a versatile tool for a variety of in-app activities and functionalities.

What can you do with the 2Z token?

2Zs can be used for diverse functionalities in our app:

  1. Livestreams
  2. AI prompts
  4. Votes
  5. Boosts
  6. Subscriptions and Pay-per-view
  7. Donations and Tips

In the future, 2Zs may be used for purchasing digital goods and providing a way for creators to monetize their content with paywalls. We also use 2Zs as a way to prevent spam and abuse on the platform, making sure all interactions are valuable. Because they can be used for donations, they serve as a sort of granular invite code to the platform.


Keep in mind that transferring 2Zs is not the same as transferring funds. 2Zs are a way of keeping score of the revenue generated on Free2Z.

Partnering with Free2Z

We offer users the opportunity to become valued partners in our rewards program. Once accepted, partners may be eligible for discretionary rewards based on their accumulated 2Zs. The value of these rewards is determined by Free2Z and may vary.


Entry into the partner program requires a formal application and subsequent acceptance by Free2Z.

Rewards Program Limits

  • Free2Z may set certain thresholds for eligible rewards under the program. These limits are subject to change and are at Free2Z’s discretion.

Reward Options

  • Rewards may be offered in various forms, which could include Zcash among other options. Free2Z reserves the right to determine the most suitable reward method.

These limits are designed to ensure effective management of the revenue share program. The specifics of these limits are subject to change, and the most current information can always be found in this section.


Remember, 2Zs aren't an investment opportunity. They are a way of quantifying your share of the revenue on Free2Z.

Not a Money Service

Remember, Free2Z is not a financial transaction or fund transfer service. The 2Z token is a unique digital unit for use within our platform.


Remember, only selected partners will be able to claim their share of the revenue generated on Free2Z.

Zcash and 2Zs: Two Tools, Different Purposes

While Zcash and 2Zs are both integral to our economy, they serve different purposes and come with their own unique traits. Understanding the differences and knowing when to use each is crucial.

Zcash is your go-to for direct and immediate peer-to-peer support. As a decentralized, private, and unintermediated cryptocurrency, Zcash offers swift transfers, giving you the ability to directly support your favorite creators almost instantly.


Zcash excels at facilitating larger transactions and direct donations while offering the privacy and decentralization prized within our digital community.

2Zs, on the other hand, shine for small, atomic transactions — micro-metered "burns" as low as one 2Z (representing 1 penny of revenue). You can purchase 2Zs using credit cards or Zcash, and you can also earn them by participating in the Free2Z community, making them accessible and straightforward to acquire. With 2Zs, you can pay for comments, AI prompts, pay-per-views, and more, while enjoying the reliable and instant performance of a top-tier web app.


2Zs are designed for convenience and ease of use, delivering a smooth experience for micro-metering of usage within the Free2Z platform. Imagine 10,000 users paying 10 2Zs ($0.10) for your interactive livestream webinar. That would be $1,000 in revenue for you.

Both Zcash and 2Zs have their own distinctive benefits, making them both valuable tools in the Free2Z ecosystem. Deciding on when to use each comes down to understanding their features and your particular imperatives.