About Free2z

Free2z is a tool for creators to share content, receive funds from donors and chat privately with supporters. Supporters can donate and creators can receive donations privately, peer-2-peer without any intermediaries. Creators and supporters never need to be identified by Free2z or any other parties to participate. Free2z needs no email address confirmation nor any permissions from any 3rd party identity management such as Google or Facebook. No personally identifiable information is stored by Free2z whatsoever. Creators are free to share what they want.

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Benefits for Supporters

  • No Fees
  • All contributions go directly to the Creator
  • No login needed
  • No credit card needed
  • No minimum donation
  • Private
  • Anonymous
  • Easy

I want to be able to send small donations to my favorite charities. When someone makes a really good point on a podcast, I’d like to send them a little token of appreciation sometimes. But, I’m not going to get my wallet out and login to some website, type in my credit card number and pay a 2.9% fee to be able to send someone a couple of bucks. What a nightmare. With free2z and Zcash, I can zap anyone a note and some funds really easily with my mobile phone wallet.

Benefits for Creators

  • No Fees. 100% of donations go directly to you.
  • Easy signup. No bank account or credit card needed.
  • Private and anonymous, if desired
  • Rich, powerful content without distractions
  • Top-level name on free2z.com, free2z.cash and free2give.xyz

If you have a username/password combination on free2z, you are a Creator and you can create a zPage in under 15 seconds. You post your own address and people send funds directly to you. Free2z has no way to identify you or monitor who is sending what funds to whom.

Creators can create zPages for free on free2z using rich html-enabled markdown including iframe embeds (eg YouTube Videos).

To prevent spam, free2z requires a one-time donation of 0.001 Zcash to establish each zPage as “funded”. The Creator of the zPage can send this themselves or wait for the community to fund the page. In most cases, pages will be funded within a few days. Once the Creator or the community has funded the zPage for 0.001 Zcash, they get a top-level name for their zPage, for example, in https://free2z.cash/python-zcash-rpc, the path component, python-zcash-rpc, is chosen by the creator. They also get to turn on their peer-2-peer donation address.

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