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Privacy and Security

Free2Z is committed to the privacy and security of our users. We aim to provide a platform that empowers creators and fosters a safe community, with a strong focus on protecting user privacy and security. Here's how we do it:

No Tracking

Your Privacy Matters

We value your privacy. Free2Z conducts all site measurements anonymously and does not engage in individual user tracking. No personally identifiable information is collected without explicit consent, ensuring your online activities remain private on our platform.

"Don't Know Your Customer" Approach

Minimal Data, Maximum Privacy

Free2Z adopts a "Don't Know Your Customer" approach to maximize your privacy. We collect only essential information, striving to provide high security while meeting legal requirements.

Limiting Metadata Leakage

Protecting Your Data

Free2Z does not permit third-party cookies or any unauthorized code without consent. We're dedicated to securing your personal information and ensuring a transparent, secure browsing experience. Unnecessary metadata is stripped and not collected, ensuring your data is protected.

Transparent and Fair Business Model

A Model Built on Trust

Our business model is centered on user privacy and security. We eschew advertising and data collection in favor of a small service charge, which helps prevent scams and maintain a secure environment for our users.

Free2Z is steadfast in providing a privacy-focused and secure experience. We are constantly working to uphold the highest standards of privacy and security, ensuring trust and transparency are central to our platform.

Thank you for choosing Free2Z for your monetization and community engagement needs.