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Free To Support As a supporter on Free2Z, you can discover and support the creators and causes you care about, and join a community of individuals with a true diversity of thought. Free2Z offers a unique experience for supporters, allowing you to connect with creators and support their work while protecting your privacy and ensuring that you control your own data.


On Free2Z, as a supporter you can make peer-to-peer donations to creators using Zcash, providing a secure and private way to support the creators you love. To learn more about Zcash and how it works, visit the Zcash website.


In addition to Zcash donations, you can also use 2Z credits on Free2Z to support creators and access other in-app services. 2Zs are the in-app credits used on Free2Z, and can be acquired by participating in the platform or purchased using Zcash. You can use 2Zs to donate to and subscribe to creators, and to access other services as they become available.

Subscriptions with 2Zs

On Free2Z, as a supporter you can use 2Z credits to subscribe to the creators you support. Subscribing to a creator allows you to access their members-only content, such as live streams, exclusive posts, and other exclusive features. Subscribing also provides a convenient and ongoing way for you to support creators and their work. Supporters can get 2Z credits by participating on the platform, such as by creating and sharing content or engaging with other users. You can also purchase 2Z credits using Zcash or a credit card, providing a simple and flexible way to support creators on Free2Z.


Free2Z is committed to the "Don't Know Your Customer" (DKYC) principle, which means that the app collects minimal personal information from its users. This makes it easy and safe for you to get started on Free2Z, as you don't need to provide extensive personal information and can maintain your anonymity if desired. As a supporter you can even make donations using Zcash without logging in to the app. The commitment to the DKYC principle means that supporters don't need to trust Free2Z to protect their personal information and provide a safe and secure platform for supporting creators. By design, Free2Z is safe and secure for everyone to use, and allows you control of your own data.


zPages are customizable webpages that allow creators to showcase their talents and ideas on Free2Z. With a zPage, creators can share a wide range of content, including videos, music, art, writing, and more. zPages also enable creators to include rich media and formatting options, such as LaTeX math, code blocks, and embeds from over 2100 sources. zPages provide a unique and engaging way for creators to connect with their audience and share their work on Free2Z.

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Free2Z Live

In addition to supporting creators through donations and subscriptions, you as a supporter can also engage with creators on Free2Z Live, the app's members-only livestreaming platform. Free2Z Live offers a scalable and feature-rich platform for creators to host interactive livestreams and engage with their audience in real-time. If you subscribe to a creator you can join their live streams and have access to their members-only content, providing a unique and engaging way to connect with and support your favorite creators.