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  • Free To Think
  • Free To Earn

Free2Z is a revolutionary media platform designed to empower you and your community. We offer bloggers, podcasters, journalists, and other creators a complete media toolset including:

  • Long and short-form text publishing options
  • Interactive livestreaming video capabilities with collaborative tools
  • Easy video and image upload features with advanced sharing and access controls
  • Tools for building a loyal audience through member circles
  • Options to monetize content using cryptocurrency and simple credit card transactions
  • AI-powered tools for text and image content generation
  • Social AI features for engaging conversations, shareable within the community

With peer-to-peer donations, a revenue-sharing program, and advanced creative tools, Free2Z provides everything you need to monetize your content transparently and fairly. On Free2Z, you're not just another user — you're a partner in a collaborative and rewarding ecosystem.

Benefits at a Glance

Monetization and Support

  • Receive direct peer-to-peer donations from anonymous supporters
  • Peer-to-peer donations go directly to you without fees
  • Supporters can donate anonymously
  • Build a community of subscribers and earn 2Zs donations
  • Apply to become a Free2Z Revenue Share Partner and get $0.01 per 2Z you earn

Content Creation and Presentation

  • Create members-only live streams using Free2Z Live
  • Create rich web pages
  • Rich, powerful content without distractions
  • Innovative AI features to help you create and manage content

User Experience and Privacy

  • Easy signup, no bank account or credit card needed
  • Private and anonymous, if desired
  • No ads or intrusive cookies
  • No tracking or data collection


Free2Z offers a versatile platform for creators, enabling the sharing and monetization of various content forms such as writing, art, music and videos. Central to this is the feature of zPages, which are rich webpages that creators can customize to their needs.

zPages support a wide array of content, including:

  • Embeds from over 2100 external sources
  • Uploads of images, videos, and audio files
  • AI text and image generation
  • Highlighted code samples
  • LaTeX math formatting

These tools are designed to help you showcase your talents and gain recognition while offering awesome monetization options. Learn more about creating and utilizing zPages in your creative endeavors at Creating a zPage.

Free2Z Live

In addition to the zPage, Free2Z also offers creators the ability to host members-only interactive livestreams, known as Free2Z Live. These livestreams provide you as a creator with a scalable and feature-rich platform to engage with your audiences in real-time, with tools for collaborative code editing, whiteboarding, browser sharing, YouTube playback, and more. Free2Z Live is ideal for creators who want to host webinars, live podcasts, debates, conferences, teach classes, or host live events and performances. Learn more about Free2Z Live >>.


Zcash Donations

One of the key features of Free2Z for creators is the ability to receive direct, peer-to-peer donations from their fans and supporters using Zcash. This means that creators can raise funds for their work without having to pay any fees or commissions, and can maintain a high level of privacy and security.

2Z Revenue Sharing

In addition to Zcash donations, creators can also accumulate 2Z credits, which can currently be used inside the app to boost their content, donate to and subscribe to other creators, and access other services. Once you have accumulated 2Z credits, you can also apply to become a Free2Z Partner and receive $0.01 per 2Z you earn.


As a creator on Free2Z, you'll have access to a growing suite of tools to help you showcase your talents, connect with your community, and raise funds. We are constantly expanding and improving our tools to provide the best possible experience for creators. Please create an issue if you have an idea about how Free2Z can improve!