What are zPages?

A zPage is essentially a webpage. zPages can be used for many purposes. One primary use case would be to make a fundraising page. You can also create arbitrary content which can be public and promoted, or private to anyone who can produce the UUID in a cryptic url.


A Creator is someone who has created an account with Free2z with a username and password. This is free and easy and requires no third parties or personal information. Each Creator will start with 1 new zPage. Without an account, you are free to browse other people’s zPages and can still donate and participate in the community, upvote and downvote, without ever having created a record in the free2z database. Learn more about membership.

Minimum zPage

To start a zPage, all you need is a title and some content.

The content is in free2z-flavored markdown. You can do rich embeds in your page, fancy math and syntax-highlighted code.


Once a zPage has been funded, either by the Creator or by the community, the Creator will be able to add their own Peer-to-Peer (p2p) address to the zPage. This is called the p2paddr for short.

  • p2paddr - The peer-to-peer address, owned by the creator, which donors can send funds directly to. Enabled once the zPage has been funded with 0.001 Zcash.

Note: The p2paddr could actually be a Zcash t-address or any other type of cryptocurrency address. Just be clear in your content what kind of address you are using.

Vanity URL (Slug)

Funded pages can have a name in the top-level namespaces of free2z.com, free2z.cash and free2give.xyz. If you input the vanity slug, new-flute, when you are funded and published, your page will be available at:

  • https://free2z.com/new-flute
  • https://free2z.cash/new-flute
  • https://free2give.xyz/new-flute

If you want your page to be private to only people with a cryptic URL, leave the vanity field blank.


If you want people other than you to see your post, you have to mark it public

Unfunded zPage

You can continue editing your unfunded page and wait for the community to send the small amount of Zcash. But, the page will be limited:

  • Only members can see
  • Can not be promoted or searched for
  • No vanity URL
  • No p2paddr
  • No comments, tagging, voting and other features

Funded zPage

Once your zPage is funded, you gain full control and can choose to make the page public with a vanity url, add your own p2paddress and customize features for the page.

Learn more about membership.