Free2Z values privacy above almost all else. Free2Z collects no user data. Free2Z foregoes metrics that most websites utilize. Free2Z does not seek to track anything about Free2Z users. Free2Z serves almost all client code from servers and build pipelines controlled by Free2Z. Free2Z uses cookies in the most minimal way possible - to understand whether a user is logged in and owns certain data.

Less than perfect

Free2Z serves almost all client code from Free2Z servers and build pipelines. However, there are at least 2 integrations which allow third-party JavaScript to run in your browser - Iframely and Google Recaptcha.

Embeds served by Iframely are explicitly opted into by you, the user.

Google Recaptcha is used to protect users from brute force attacks against passwords and DDOS attacks against the Free2Z password database. Google Recaptcha prevents spammers from creating spam content and prevents brute force attacks against Creators’ passwords. However, it does allow Google JavaScript to run in the user’s browser when logging in and creating new Personas.

Commitment to Privacy

Free2Z will continue to evaluate alternatives and prioritize user privacy above almost all else.

Free2Z uses the most basic, minimal, industry-standard cookie to simply authenticate users and protect the site from common attacks. Free2Z collects no data from users of the site.

Currently, allows easy embeds of rich content from 100s of websites, protects against malware and provides the opportunity for each user to give explicit consent to JavaScript run in their browsers. I’m very happy with the iframely service. It’s for each user to decide whether they want to allow code from the almost 2000 providers that Iframely supports.

Google Recaptcha

To login or create a new user, you have to solve the Google Recaptcha. This is to prevent spam users and brute-force attacks on the Free2Z password database. We feel the privacy tradeoff is reasonable at this time but are open to alternatives. This Google JavaScript only runs on the login page. Any Google tracking from the Recaptcha could likely be remediated with tools like Tor, Brave, VPN, Icognito Mode and the like.

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