There are three basic levels with which people can use Free2z.

Unauthenticated User

An unauthenticated user can search and read public zPages, can read private zPages that they have the url to, and can send funds and messages 1 to Creators with a Zcash wallet or by other means that Creators are free to describe in their content. They can participate in any on-chain activities like upvoting, downvoting and commenting.

New Creator

Once a User creates a username and password, a new zPage will be created and the User becomes a Creator. The new Creator will start out unfunded. The new Creator can send 0.001 to become a Funded Creator or wait to see if the community will fund their idea. If you have a cool idea or worthy project, the chances are very good that the community will fund you. However, this could take an hour, a day, a week, or a month. The new Creator can create up to 3 zPages and wait for funding from the funded community. To publish immediately, you can fund your own page with 0.001 Zcash.

Funded Creator

When one page has received at least 0.001 ZEC, the creator can:

  • publish the page to the whole world or privately
  • add a p2paddress that they own

Once the creator has at least 0.01 ZEC for all pages combined, they can:

  • Create unlimited zPages
  • Browse unfunded zPages and fund them

Learn more about creating a zPage